The only thing more stressful in a person's life than looming legal issues is when those legal issues involve criminal prosecution and the possibility of losing your freedom. From our first appointment I will listen to you and begin to work with you to build a strong defense. During your case I will personally respond to your phone calls, I will listen to your concerns and work together with you to get your case resolved. In most situations I will be able to appear on your behalf at many, if not all, of your court dates leaving you available for work, family and your life.

All felonies, misdemeanors, DUI's and VOP's


 Estate planning involves the preparation of legal documents that allow for the distribution of a person’s assets and income, both during life and at death.  The best plans ensure that there is a smooth and seamless transfer of assets to a person's heirs with as little cost and trouble as possible.  Modern estate planning usually involves the creation of a living trust, wills, and durable powers of attorney for both health care and financial decision making. Whether you are in need of an entire Estate Plan or simply durable powers of attorney for health care, I am here to help.

Divorce, Child Custody,Child and Spousal Support, Civil Harassment and Domestic Violence Restraining Orders


Wills, Trusts, and Probate

I know from experience that a plan at the beginning of the Family Law process may not be the best strategy as your situation progresses. I am constantly reviewing your case, calculating the next steps and considering the next best approach.